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Some person has started a project to get pictures of a million giraffes-- people have to make the giraffes somehow without using a computer. Some people get pretty creative. It's interesting.

Look at the Giraffes


Nov. 28th, 2009

I heard a couple of shots outside (at least, I think that's what they were), and so I immediately freaked and went to check on my dogs. Poor Jericho was showing all the signs of fear and submission--his ears and tails were down, and he was trying to quickly move away from where the sound came from, but his lead was a bit tangled, so he couldn't go super far. I untangled him, and I stayed out with him for a minute to calm him down. I panicked for a second when I couldn't immediately find Vixen, but she soon enough sprang out of wherever she was and came toward me. I'm not sure if she was hiding or if she was just slow to realize I was outside.

I feel really sorry for Jericho when it comes time for the 4th of July. I think it will probably be wise to bring him inside.


So, I just had one of those weird freaky moments.

Recently, Russell and I watched "Enchanted" (I think it was my third time to see it?) because I wanted to watch something happy. So, the music from it has been stuck in my head, particularly "How Does She Know You Love Her." So, today I pulled it up on YouTube, and I've been listening to it at random intervals. I've listened to it maybe six times or so today. A few minutes ago, I put down the book I was reading for school and pressed "Replay" on the video and then went to the webcomic xkcd. The newest comic is this, and the hover-over text is:

What? Oh, no, the 'Enchanted' soundtrack was just playing because Pandora's algorithms are terrible. [silence] ... (quietly) That's how you knooooooow ...

That's kinda freaky.

Nov. 21st, 2009

The little boy across the street whose mother I talked to yesterday was apparently really upset by what happened to my dog, and he wanted to do something. So he and his mom came over with cookies (chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies), treats for Jericho, and a little stuffed polar bear (the bear was specifically from the boy). I am very very touched. In tears right now, actually.
The Sheriff came up to my door.

Penelope and Jericho had gotten out. Penelope had apparently gotten into a neighbor's garbage and supposedly had done so for months.

The neighbor shot Penelope.

I don't know where her body is.
There is a story my mom used to tell. I don't know why--it wasn't really the type of story I would think she would want to tell, yet I heard her tell it several times.

One day, she and my brother came home from school after having bought ice cream. They were in the car, and they noticed a butterfly outside. It was a brilliantly beautiful butterfly, and it floated and fluttered, and they both stared at it and marveled at its magnificence. But all of a sudden, a bird swooped down and caught it. Then it flew away with it.

That's kind of how I feel.
Internet has been messed up still. Haven't gotten on since I made the last LJ post (excluding now - Russell left for work after telling me that the Internet was briefly working if I wanted to use it, so I got my butt out of bed even though I am a super-sleeper). It's supposed to fixed on Monday, though. *fingers crossed*

Internet blahhhhh

My Internet has been messed up the past few days, but it is hopefully back now. Fingers crossed, anyway.

But I need to get up semi-early to call someone, so I think I am going to bed...
It's Limerick Day! Share a favorite or compose your own humorous five-line poem with an AABBA rhyme structure.

There was a sick girl from Nigeria
Who decided to plant some wisteria,
But as she got on her knees,
She started to sneeze,
And died of pollen rather than bacteria.

There once was a cat from Ape-plause
Where all animals had great paws,
But when he went to make his bigger,
And a witch pulled the trigger,
He found she'd only given him great pause.

So, I shouldn't be a limerick writer, heh. But today is a good day--I found out I made all A's, my husband found out he got a new job, and my mom's back is a lot better than it has been.


Apr. 24th, 2009

Heh, so last summer, the person I gardened for gave me some roses, and one of them has been sitting out in its plastic "pot" in the front yard--it's been almost a year, and the thing is still alive somehow, heh. There is even one rose bloom on it. It is a very pretty rose, heh. It's just red, though. I guess maybe I need to plant it sometime...


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